Garbage Separation


All of you must have observed that a lot of garbage is tied in small plastic bags and strewn on the streets around your neighbourhood. It is ideally the job of the Municipal Corporation to dispose of them safely and quickly, but there may be days when these garbage trucks or the Ghanta Gaadis may not arrive.


Citizens can also play a major role in helping authorities to do away with garbage. Thus, members are hereby requested to separate the Garbage and keep two containers or dustbins; one for Wet (bio-degradable) garbage and the other for Dry (Non bio - degradable) garbage.


While it is true that there will be additional expense in procuring an extra dustbin for dry garbage, the cost is justified as it will last longer than the one used for wet garbage. It is not inconvenient to handle; it does not cause an unpleasant smell, and neither does it need to be disposed of daily.


It is imperative that we begin this procedure, and it is not very difficult. While some may have qualms about it, we now wish to do away with some misconceptions regarding garbage separation.


Garbage separation has various advantages. For one, the wet garbage, once devoid of plastics etc, serves as excellent manure. Also, the plastic waste can be re-used or recycled. The less garbage that is sent to the Municipal Corporation, the more effectively they can deal with it, by reducing burden of work as they can collect the entire quantity in fewer trips. Thus garbage disposal is faster and more efficient.


Kindly instruct your household help regarding disposing the waste in the appropriate bin. This ensures that garbage segregation is carried out in your absence, and also educates one and all in environmental issues.


Also, members are requested to re- use and recycle plastic carry bags which our commercial establishments distribute generously. Members also have other options like using colourful cotton bags, jute bags etc.


Members can also treat this as fulfillment of their social responsibility and their duty towards the environment.